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Let's talk style! I like a bit of everything but the most important thing for me is to be comfortable. If I could live in a pair of running shorts and a tank top I 100% would. But let's face it, I cant live in old workout clothes nor do I actually want that look 24/7. Sometimes I want the active look or maybe the put together mom look (thats what I call looking put together with Ryan). Depends on the time and the place. The one thing I do look at is the price. I strongly believe that if something is expensive it usually is that price for a reason. Most of the time if you can pay a little more for something, the quality is going to be better. I have had cheap clothing rip and break and that just doesn't sit well with me. Now don't get me wrong, I don't spend thousands of dollars on my wardrobe, I just shop smart. I always check the sale and I make sure the pieces I'm spending more money on are quality. So with that said, let me share my style with you all for under $100!

I sometimes have an issue with things I like and the things I would actually wear. Just because you see something at the store or on a model doesn't mean you'll actually wear it. That is one of the most important things for me to remember while shopping. I am totally guilty of buying clothing and shoes that I almost never wear and they sit in my closet. As much as I hate to admit it, that is a waste of money, although in the back of my mind I really do want to wear it. My biggest shopping tip I can give is to shop for your lifestyle. If you work in a professional setting spend the money on professional clothes instead of a ton of casual clothes. If you're super active maybe spend more on activewear. Like everything in life, its all about balance, even in your closet and if you can figure that out you should be good!

Rompers and jumpsuits

This is my favorite fashion trend ever. You literally can look so put together and you're literally wearing one piece of clothing. You don't need to match together a top and bottom, but you're also not wearing a dress so you don't have to be cautious about activities you might be doing or the wind blowing you away. The best part is you can either look really dressed up or super laid back and casual. Shop some of my favorite picks here.


Most of the time I am in activewear. We live a very active life so it just makes sense. You don't want to dress up to walk around the park or hangout in a gym so it just makes the most sense for activewear to be my go-to. You can still look cute and put together in activewear! So here are some of my favorite pieces!

My Mom Look

I call looking put together but still comfortable my mom look. So basically any outfit I can wear when running errands, going to appointments, or even stopping at the park. Comfortable and functional is the way to go. Basically anything simple that I wont have an issue keeping on while trying to chase after a baby is my mom look. Shop some of my mom looks here.

Back to the Basics

If you made it this far through my post and haven't been able to tell already, I am a super fan of basics. Basics are key to my wardrobe. Just one or two of these simple items and you'll probably be able to find an outfit much quicker! My favorite basics are things like the perfect denim shorts or a nice fitted tee. Such simple items that are so important to me. Heres some inspiration to add basics into your wardrobe.

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