• Amanda Nicole


Updated: Oct 12, 2020

I'm definitely not vegan (I call myself an almost vegan), but when I can make a really good vegan or plant based recipe I get SO excited. So when I tasted one of these muffins I was blown away!!!

They are perfect for breakfast or a sweet snack!


  • It's best to use soy milk but any non-dairy will do. Soy milk gives the best texture because we are looking for the milk to curdle when mixed with apple cider vinegar and give the muffins a great texture.

  • I used apple cider vinegar but you could use white vinegar instead.

  • You can use whatever oil you like, I just prefer using coconut oil.

  • Lemon juice is totally optional.

  • If using frozen strawberries set the out when you preheat the oven so they slightly defrost before you add them into the batter. If the strawberry pieces are large chop them up before adding.

  • Make sure you let the muffins cool before taking them out and eating them, otherwise they will more than likely fall apart.

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