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Figuring out the perfect way to organize a room is hard, especially when its a nursery for your first baby! I truly had no idea what I would need or what would work and what wouldn't. So through some research and lots of trial and error, I figured out what works. Of course I do change some things here and there but most of it has stayed the same since before Ryan was born. So here are my tips and tricks for organizing everything from clothing to books!

The Dresser

We picked a dresser with six drawers that is great for storage. We also made sure to get the topper for extra organization and the changing pad. One side we keep stocked with diapers and on the other side we have three containers used to hold things we use often like pacifiers, hair brushes, and lotion.

On to the drawers! For me, what items were in which drawers was very important. I put the most used things on the top and the less important items below. So in the top two drawers are onesies and accessories (hair bows, socks, hats). The two middle drawers have pants/shorts and burp cloths/swaddle blankets. The last two drawers have towels/wash cloths and bathing suits/miscellaneous items (swim diapers, hats, sleep suits).

This set up works best for us and will be easy to transition when she's out of baby clothes.

Inside the drawers I used drawer organizers to keep things in order. I used this in almost every drawer for the accessories, swaddle blankets, burp clothes, pants, and shorts. Without these the drawers would be a mess!

I also used a rolling method for the onesies so I could see them all and easily find the one I am looking for. For the bottoms I fold them in thirds and set them in the drawer organizer almost like a filing system. These methods make it easy to find what I'm looking for!

The Closet

The closet is something that changes more often. At my baby shower we received baby clothes ranging in sizes newborn to 24 months. So originally I organized the clothes in her closet by size and had dividers to go between each size. This made it super easy to find what outfits she could fit into and easy for someone other than me to get her dressed. Now that she's grown out of almost all of those clothes I do her current size on the lower rack and the next size up on the top rack. This is a better system for us since we moved and she now has a smaller closet. I also keep her shoes on a shelf in her closet. In small storage boxes I keep the clothes and shoes that are bigger than the next size up, that we probably wont be using for a while. When she grows out of things, which is fast, I stick them in a large storage bins to save for later, we've already filled two huge ones with just clothes!

Baby Blankets

It seems like at baby showers everyone gets you baby clothes and baby blankets. We were given

probably more than ten, which is great since we're always leaving them in the car or at grandma's house. The rest we alternate through and store them in a chest in Ryan's room. I just roll them up so they fit nicely.

We don't leave many toys in her room since we have a toy basket in the living room, but the ones we do leave we place in the chest over the rest of the blankets. That way its a chest full of soft things and she can easily grab a stuffed animal when she wants one.

Baby Books

We put most of her books on a shelf next to her nursery chair. That way they're in reach to read to her before bed. We have three of these shelves so if we run out of space theres always more room!

Don't forget to let me know what more you want to see and what your organizing tips and tricks are!

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