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Lately I have been in crazy home decor mode! Bit by bit we are finishing our apartment and sometimes it feels like it'll never be done. But even though it's slowly coming together, it's still coming together! So I thought I'd share with you what I've been loving and how we incorporated (or will be incorporating) those things into our space. Also theres a surprise at the end!!

First things first, furniture. We had basically nothing. I mean we had a bed, a dresser that broke during the move, and all of the nursery furniture. So obviously we were in need of a lot. I loved being able to start from scratch but its also rough on your bank account.

The unit we chose didn't have a kitchen island, so we had to find a small kitchen table that wouldn't look weird in the middle of our kitchen. I really wanted to do a kitchen island cart with stools but I couldn't find the perfect fit. We ended up finding this set from Ikea that was really inexpensive and perfect for just getting started. Here are some other options and ideas.

The next step was the living room. We quickly got a couch and then the vision just came with it (I seriously made a vision board). We're still missing a few key pieces but the main part (couch, coffee table, rug....) is there. I wanted to go for a calm, neutral, slightly modern but like also kind of traditional look. Below are some options similar to my living room furniture!

Now when it came to the bedroom we had next to nothing. Basically the only thing we had was our bed. Everything else was necessary. For the bedroom I wanted to keep the neutral, light and bright feel but make it a bit warmer than the living room. So our furniture is all a bit darker and I changed out the black accents from the living room for warmer tan and browns. Ive added some similar items below!

Next up is decor. Now it's hard to have little decretive items with a baby who picks everything up but we've managed to decorate here and there. We're constantly adding decretive touches so I'm planning on doing a completely separate post just for decor! But I've put together some decorative items I love!

I'm also super excited for something new I'm taking on! I've started creating my own wall decor and I'm giving you a sneak peek! I really enjoy putting my creativity to work and being able to share it with you! I don't have a page set up to purchase just yet (trying to create more first) but if you're interested in having me create something for your space let me know and I'd love to help!

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