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With all of the craziness of COVID many people have lost out on traveling (or even leaving their house) this summer. It can be hard to stay home all day everyday and some of us need a getaway. As much as I want a getaway, I don't want to go far. So we're planning a staycation. For our staycation were only thinking a night or two since we still have real life to get back to, but if you can why not go for a week! So as we are planning our staycation, you should plan yours!

Where to stay

I would say the most important step would be picking where to stay. Make sure when you're searching for a place to stay (hotel, Airbnb), you choose a place that has guidelines and precautions in place to keep you safe during these crazy times. You don't want to get somewhere with a ton of people and no rules.

Go somewhere close

Go somewhere within a couple of hours from home. We're lucky enough to live near the beach, the desert, and the mountains, so we have a ton of options. If you don't live somewhere with options just find a place you can relax and get away. The last thing you want to do right now is spend all day in the car or in a plane (thats not relaxing at all).

Don't plan

I know this sounds crazy but the whole point of a staycation is to relax. Trying to plan a ton of activities right now is just not going to work. There are limited things open, and the things that are open are probably not the same as they normally would be. So just go with the flow and relax.

Do what you've got to do

I get it people don't want to work when on vacation, but you might not get the luxury of being work free. So don't skip the staycation because of work. Choose dates you have less to do and bring it with you to do a little here and there.

Prioritize your needs

When you're choosing a place to stay or somewhere to go, do your research. If you're trying to relax look for a hotel that has the privacy and amenities you're looking for. The last thing you want to do is plan a staycation and then hate everything about it. Find what you want! Whether thats a pool, privacy, or outdoor activities make sure you prioritize it.

Wherever you go make sure you have fun, relax, and stay safe! Share your staycation with me on Instagram (@haloandhelloblog) so I can live through your pictures and videos!

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