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How to Make Whipped Coffee

If you're on social media or up to date with the latest trends you've probably heard of whipped coffee. Seen on Instagram and TikTok, its a creamy, whipped coffee drink spooned over milk. It's super easy to make and incredibly, aesthetically pleasing. This whipped coffee, or dalgona coffee is made by whipping instant coffee, sugar and water together until you get a fluffy coffee whipped cream and putting it over a glass of milk. Thats it, it's incredibly easy.

Tips and Tricks

Use an electronic mixer. If you don't have an electronic mixer you can totally do this my hand using a hand whisk, I did, but I am warning you it will be a workout, you will want to give up and you may ask yourself "is this even worth it?" So use an electric mixer if you have one, it'll be so much quicker.

Granulated sugar. You can use any kind of granulated sugar or sugar substitute you like, white sugar, brown sugar, whatever you have.

Taste. Once the whip is made it will probably be strong. Remember you will be mixing it with milk so that will tone it down a bit, but if you like really sweet coffee I recommend adding about half a tablespoon or a whole teaspoon extra of sugar to your mixture and/or mixing sugar into your milk/creamer before adding the whip.

Make it hot. If you prefer hot coffee you can make this a hot drink by simply heating up your milk.

Milk or creamer. You can use whatever kind of milk you prefer or your favorite coffee creamer.

Variations. For Chocolate whipped coffee add a tablespoon of cocoa powder to the mix. For Vanilla whipped coffee add a tablespoon of vanilla extract to the mix. For more flavor add some cinnamon in at anytime.

Other Ways to Use Whipped Coffee

  • Use it as a topping for desserts, like brownies or ice cream.

  • Freeze it to make coffee ice cream.

  • Use as a dip for sweets like cookies or muffins.

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