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Updated: Jul 15, 2020

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I love doing my part to save the Earth and living a low-waste lifestyle is something I am always striving to do. It is definitely a process and its something I have not come even close to perfecting. I am always learning and trying to do my part. Here are some tips and tricks I've gathered, for living a plastic free life.

In The Kitchen

Switch your sponge

Switch to a cellulose sponge. These are made from wood fibers and are much better for the environment than the common plastic based ones we all usually buy.

Ditch the Straws

Use reusable straws. There is literally no reason to buy a pack of single use plastic straws when you can get reusable straws. It is so simple. I like the silicone ones because you can easily fold them up and take them with you, but they also have metal ones if you'd prefer.

Swap your plastic wrap

If you're up to it swap your plastic wrap for beeswax wrap. Its plastic free and reusable so you'll never run out!

Switch to glass

Switch your plastic Tupperware with glass Tupperware and jars. I personally think the food keeps fresher longer in glass, but that could just be me.

Fix your trash

If you're really up to the challenge swap out your normal trash bags with reusable trash bags. If thats too much for you (I get it), you can always opt for these 100% compostable trash bags.

In The Bathroom

Get a new toothbrush

If you use a normal toothbrush and not one of those fancy kinds, try switching to a bamboo toothbrush. That way when the time comes to switch out your toothbrush you're not throwing away more plastic.

New toothpaste

Get ready for a new toothpaste adventure. Introducing toothpaste tablets! It might be a new experience but you'll be saving the planet by ditching the tube.

Hit the bar

I'm talking about soap, use some bar soap. Instead of buying body wash or liquid hand soap try switching to a bar of soap.

Stay at the bar

While we're on the topic of bars try a shampoo bar. This might be a stretch for some but if you're up to try it out. You might be surprised.


When it comes to cleaning products try something reusable. There are a ton of companies that will send you refills or even tablets that dissolve into a cleaning product. Try Grove Collaborative, they have a ton of options for natural and reusable products.

It's important to add, that you shouldn't just toss all of your plastic products and get new plastic free products. Use and reuse those products until they can't be used anymore. Remember to recycle: plastic, glass, tin, aluminum, steel, cardboard, and paper.

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