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It happens to all of us, you've got things to do but you're just not feeling it. You've hit a wall and now you're in that afternoon slump. When that happens I try to do whatever I can to get myself out of that funk. Heres a list of things I do to try and bring back my motivation.

Get Outside

Getting out of the house and into fresh air could be all you need. Whether it's going on a walk or just sitting on the porch, try to get outside.

Take A Break

Sometimes all you need is a break. Step away from whatever you are doing and move on to something else, preferably something that is calming or relaxing to you.

Drink Some Water

When you start to get dehydrated you start to feel bad. Dehydration can cause headaches and make you feel lazy and irritable. If you know you haven't been drinking enough water fill up a large glass and drink it all before you get back to work.

Have A Pick Me Up

Fix yourself a little caffeine pick me up. Now, I'm not saying go grab some espresso shots or anything crazy like that, but maybe a nice refreshing tea. I love a nice iced green tea.

Get Moving

Drop what you're doing and get moving. If a full on workout is what you need then take a break and go to the gym but taking a short walk or 10 minutes of yoga should do just fine. I try to walk every afternoon to give myself a break from whatever I have going on.

Clean Up

If my space is a mess, I'm a mess. So when you hit that wall try tidying up a little bit. Giving your space a fresh start might inspire a fresh start in you.

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