• Amanda Nicole

Balsamic Glaze Chicken

Updated: May 27, 2020

Like most people I like making quick meals. Most of the time I forget about dinner until its time to eat and then I'm forced to think about what's for dinner. In these moments I like to make something quick and reliable. Something you know is going to taste good and you know you have the ingredients. For me that is Balsamic Glaze Chicken. It takes all of 20 minutes, 4 ingredients and it tastes amazing.


  • Spoon any leftover glaze over side dishes like, veggies, rice or potatoes.

  • I use large chicken breasts and just cut them in half to make them thinner.

  • Use whatever seasoning you like to season your chicken instead of just salt and pepper for more flavor. I like sweet and spicy so sometimes I will season the chicken with something spicy.

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