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The number one question I've had since Ryan was born is, "are you getting any sleep?" I must admit Ryan is a great sleeper and has slept through the night since 6 weeks. I know, sleep is just as important for new parents as it is for baby, I get it, lack of sleep can change you. I like to think it is because of our strict nighttime routine that we have such a good sleeper, but who knows. Creating a good nighttime routine doesn't have to be impossible though! Here are a few products we use in our nighttime routine that might help you!

The Pacifier

I know, simple, but in this case necessary. It's the only thing that is almost guaranteed to calm and soothe Ryan. And it's not any pacifier its one specific kind. According to the Mayo Clinic, sucking on a pacifier at naptime and bedtime might reduce the risk of SIDS. The great part too is as your baby gets older they will learn to self-soothe and go back to sleep on their own.

The Owlet Smart Sock

This is probably my #1 recommended baby product. When Ryan is having a rough night we can keep an eye on her through the camera instead of sneaking into her room and potentially making things worse. We can also monitor her heart rate and oxygen level through the app. It gives us peace of mind and allows us to sleep better.

A Sound Machine

I thought this was so unnecessary but I was so wrong. We use this every night and I truly think Ryan know its time to go to bed when she hears her ocean sound. It also drowns out other noises so your baby won't wake up from every little sound, reducing the amount of times she wakes up throughout the night. I love the one we have because you can connect it to your phone and you don't have to sneak into the room to change anything.

The Sleep Suit

This thing is magic. When we started transitioning out of the swaddle we were scared. Swaddling makes your baby feel snug and safe. So I did my research and chose this magic sleep suit. It's silly looking, but it works. The first night we used it, we were amazed. She slept straight through the night and I think it was the key to transitioning her to sleep with nothing.

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