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Sometimes we all just need a date night (or day). I love getting out and doing something fun but I also enjoy a nice night in. The stereotypical date night can get expensive and right now its hard to do the typical date night so you have to get creative! I've come up with 10 date night ideas that cost nothing (or almost nothing).

1. Have a beach day

This is one of my favorite things to do. Pack some snacks and relax! This one might be hard right now since its summer and beaches are packed, so try to find the most secluded beaches. We love to find "secret" spots that aren't crazy crowded.

2. Go on a hike

Another outdoor activity. Find some local trails and try a few out. We love finding beach trails!

3. Have a picnic

This is my favorite! Maybe its because it involves food but I love to eat outside! We like to pick up food from our favorite restaurants, but you could definitely put together your own meals!

4. Take a virtual cooking class

This is such a cool idea! You can find free tutorial videos online or even sign up for online cooking lessons like this one from America's Test Kitchen. Cook a new dinner recipe together and see how it turns out!

5. Have a movie Marathon

Sometimes all you need is a night in. Pop some popcorn, bust out the ice cream and pick some movies. You can even choose your movies by theme! Maybe some super hero movies or a 90's theme. Just choose a few and make a night out of it!

6. Watch the sunset

This is such a simple thing but its so nice. Find a nice spot and watch the sun go down. We found a place on the beach where we can walk while watching the sunset. We love it so much its become a family outing that we try to do once a week.

7. Have a wine night

We love a good wine night! Pick your favorite bottle of wine, sit outside and make it a night. Sometimes we like to mix wine night and whatever our current Netflix obsession is.

8. Have a coffee date

One of our favorite things to do is head to our favorite coffee shop and sit outside! Grab a coffee and some breakfast and enjoy each others company. Its like brunch but like much more laid back.

9. Go on a drive

Sometimes we like to just drive around. We love looking at the huge houses down by the beach or finding new places to go! This is actually how we found most of our favorite spots to hangout!

10. Have a cooking competition

Choose something to make and see who's is better. In the morning we like to have pancake competitions and see who can come up with the better pancakes. A cookie competition is fun too!

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