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10 Baby Products You Won't Want To Skip Out On.

Updated: May 18, 2020

When you have a baby on the way you spend a ton of time preparing, but you don't necessarily know what you'll really need. All babies are different so what your baby might end up loving, your friends baby might hate. The best advice I can give is to do your research, the last thing you want to do is spend hundreds of dollars on things you never use. So Im here to contribute to your research and share 10 products we couldn't live without.

Owlet Smart Sock + Cam Complete Baby Monitor System

This is definitely the #1 item I would recommend to any parents to be. The sock part tracks your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels. The base station collects the data so you can track your babies sleep progress. The camera is an added bonus, you can see and hear baby all in the same app and from anywhere. We do also have a traditional monitor set up as well so we can hear at all times, instead of having it through the phone. I do like that the camera is in the app with the heart rate and oxygen levels but I tell people that if they don't want to pay for the whole system at least get the sock part. The sock gives your peace of mind during the night and you can even leave it on during the day to track babies levels.

BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss and Wooden Toy Bundle in Dark Grey

This bouncer has been a lifesaver for us. We started using this the day we came home from the hospital. I don't know what it is about this seat but our baby falls asleep every time we put her in it. Its super lightweight and portable, and even folds flat for easy storage. There are 3 height positions so it will be able to be used while your baby grows. It also comes with a toy bar that connects to it so it can be used for play time as well as chill time.

Project Nursery® Smart Sound Soother

At first I thought this was going to be one of those things we would never use, and boy was I wrong. We use this every night now. Whats really cool is it connects to your Amazon Alexa and can be totally controlled by your voice. There are a bunch of built in lullabies and nature sounds that really do block any outside noises. We also use it as a nightlight and you can change the color of the light as well. My favorite feature is that it has a timer so it doesn't have to stay on all night, it will automatically turn off or you can just turn it off using your smartphone.

Stokke® Xplory® 6

It's important to find a stroller that fits your lifestyle, and for us this was the perfect one. We are constantly on the go and most of the time we're in tight spaces where a normal stroller wouldn't really fit. This one is perfect to get in those hard to fit spaces and I definitely recommend it if you're going to be out and about with baby. It comes with a detachable bag for storage as well. This can be turned into a travel system with a carrier that is compatible or they make adaptors for other brands to work with it, as well. We opted to get a different brand carrier and the adaptors since the Stokke carrier was much more expensive.

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit

I will be the first to say this sleep suit

is not the cutest, but it really is magic. We were so nervous to transition our daughter out of a swaddle but this did the job. The first night she slept completely through the night. It made it so easy to transition from swaddle, to sleep suit, to nothing at all. I don't even want to imagine what our nights would have been like without this sleep suit.

Baby Brezza Pro Advanced Formula Mixer

This is exactly like a Keurig for baby formula. When I first saw this I thought it was ridiculous but then we switched to formula and I quickly changed my mind. It is so convenient to press just one button and make a bottle at the perfect temperature and amount. You can choose how many ounces and what temperature you want it made at. It seems unnecessary but with a hungry, crying baby being able to make a bottle in less than a minute is amazing.

Fridababy NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator

The snot sucker, that's how we refer to it in our house. This seems so gross it really does, but its the the best way to keep your baby's nose snot free. There is no way the snot can actually get in your mouth so if you get that thought out of your mind there's nothing wrong with it. It is so much easier to use than the normal bulbs since you are in control of it. When your baby gets their first cold you can feel helpless but this brings a little control into the situation.

BABY CARE™ Reversible Happy Cloud Playmat

We have wood flooring through out our home so a play mat was really important for us. This one is great because its reversible so you can change the look up. It's also really soft and cushioned and we use it every single day. If you have hard flooring I 100% recommend some kind of cushioned play mat.

Haakaa Breast Pump

I got this late in the game but I definitely wish I had this from day one. Breastfeeding can be difficult and tedious but this helps out a ton. I used this to collect letdown that would have otherwise been lost. It's also really convenient for traveling because it's the perfect size to throw in your bag when on the go.

phil&teds Lobster Clip-On Highchair

This is an amazing portable highchair. All you have to do id attach it to a table and that's that. It folds down to become super compact and even comes with a carrying bag to make it even easier on you. This is perfect if you frequent restaurants or to leave at grandmas house. It also comes with a tray to make things a little less messy.

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